5 days Meditation retreat 
Awakening your senses

Awareness and mindfulness training

Check your sensitivity level by passing test

Sensitivity fills Life, making it more tasty and varied.

Sensitivity allows you to develop awareness, which leads to permanent happiness.

What is a LaBudhi Meditation retreat?

Retreat at LaBudhi is a real workout where you can get and develop the tools for real Happiness, like the feeling of Peace and Silence.

A retreat at LaBudhi is a daily variety of activities aimed at developing Attention, Sensitivity, Awareness and Thought control and their interaction.

Retreat in LaBudhi is your work with yourself, simple purity, complete absence of religions, absence of binding and auxiliary instruments such as special music, mantras, prayers, worship, chakras and other "positive" habits or addictions.

Retreat at LaBudhi is about Happiness, how to allow yourself to be Happy, about how not to lose yourself, and including about awakening

Retreat at LaBudhi is about Connecting to Life ...
From founder

Retreat tools to train your ability to feel Happiness:


- Developing attention allows you to control your life. This is the most effective tool available to a person to change and control his life, control his Mind, Thoughts, and, of course, for the constancy of Happiness.


- The development of sensitivity allows you to feel and experience more colors of life.

- This allows you to begin to feel Happiness itself, something that previously seemed inaccessible. Happiness is a subtle feeling of Peace and Silence, it's like catching a smell while exhaling))

- Shift your attention into feelings and sensations in the body and beyond. Controlling your sensitivity through attention


- Developing of awareness allows just Being. To be at the present moment, "here and now". It is focusing your attention at the present moment. And Happiness is available only in this present moment - that which we are all looking for.

- The present moment is the only thing that is Real. And thoughts about the past and the future are NOT Reality, even about what happened a couple of minutes ago.


- Research of the mind allows you to see and feel what it is, to reveal the nature of thoughts and how they affect you. This will help you not get stuck in your mind and use it more effectively.
Controlling your Mind and Thoughts occurs through attention, through the development of attention, which leads to effective getting rid of fears, blocks, expectations, addictions, and so on.
What happens during LaBudhi retreat?


We develop attention in "LaBudhi", as the most important tool for managing our life in LaBudhi, which allows us to develop both sensitivity and awareness, and control our mind and thoughts. Sensitivity will allow you to begin to feel more tastes of life and happiness. Feeling the happiness that is in you is like starting to feel smells when you exhale, and for this you need to develop sensitivity. Attention helps to have control your life.

INCREASING awareness & mindfulness

Awareness is trained by using various meditation and yoga techniques. Simple exercises, physical activity.

Raising awareness is the development of the skill of directing attention to the present moment, which allows you to develop the ability to automatically find yourself at the present moment.

Useful theory
We will have conversation about many topics:

What is attention. What is Happiness. How to be happy. Relationship. Love. 7 ways how get rid all thoughts. What is thoughts and mind. Nature of thoughts. How get rid fears and addictions. What is emotions. What is Human. Death  and fear of death. Meaning of life. What is awareness. How control your life.

Reviews Meditation retreat LaBudhi

Retreat LaBudhi Meditation is:


Private Villa on Koh Samui
Private Villa on Koh Samui per 2 persons
Private online retreat
USD per 5 day/4 nights

  • 5 days retraet  in private lux villa on Koh Samui for 1 person
  • 30 Exerсises and 30+ houres of communications
  • Analysis and Communication 
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
USD per 5 day/4 nights

  • 5 days retraet  in private villa on Koh Samui for 2 persons
  • 30 Exerсises and 30+ houres of communications
  • Analysis and Communication 
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
USD per 5 day/4 nights

  • Zoom meetings
  • 30 Exerсises and 20+ houres of communications
  • Analysis and Communication 
Schedule of the retreat in LaBudhi 
ALL EXERCISES include conversation and explanation
all exercises is preparing for usual life

Starting and first Meeting

What, how and why.
Meditation - Thought Watchings

What the nature of thoughts. First time in live
Meditation - All feelings

How many senses you can feel in one time
Meditation - Observe thoughts with open eyes

how get command to our mind
Meditation - 4 points

Touching  of attention and development of our attention
Meditation -  deep sounds and smells

Developing of sensitivities and attention
Meditation - Pressure, body, sounds, thoughts 

Usefulness training
Meditation -  dynamics and statics of attention

Divide attention
Meditation - on /off feelings

tryings do it
Meditation -  all senses and 4 points

Developing of attention
Meditation -  Observe observation and thoughts from afar

Thoughts management
Meditation - Feelings + Points 

Very difficult exercises - 12 objects of attention
Meditation - Just be 

Special training and test
Meditation -  all senses, 4 points, mind and observe observation

High skill exercise
Meditation - Mind - feeling - Mind 

training skill of controlling thoughts
Meditation - Observe observation and on/off feelings, 4 points and mind 

High level skill - tryings
Meditation - Pressure, mind, 4 points. body, sounds, heartbeat

Usefulness training - 9 objects of attention
Meditation - point moving

flexibility of attention
Meditation - deep sounds and smells with open eyes 

We are starting do all next exercises with open eyes - its real preparing for usual life
Meditation - Observe observation and thoughts from afar with open eyes

How to use thoughts
Meditation -  body, sounds, heartbeat; 5 points; mind - with open eyes

Switching of attention - 9 objects
Meditation - Feeling, point + feeling + point with open eyes (several types of vision)

thought research
Meditation -  Pressure, mind, 4 points, feelings with open eyes

Usefulness training
Meditation -  Dynamics and statics of attention with open eyes

High level  thought research
Meditation -  Mind - feeling - Mind  with open eyes

High level of attention
Meditation - 5 points, all feelings, mind with open eyes 

High level of switching attention
Meditation -  on/off objects of attention (open eyes)

High level
Meditation - all together 

Absolutely difficult exercise - 15 objects of attention
Meditation -  last exercise

Test - how are you ready for life

Retreat Features in LaBudhi


Koh SAmui
We are located in Koh Samui in Kingdom of Thailand Quiet place and  stunning  view


We use Sasha Granovski's author's guided meditations, from the simplest to the most complex, to get to know ourselves better. To develop your attention, open your feelings, and develop awareness.

Meditation for us is life in full attention. Total awareness. We introduce our guests to the deep essence of meditation through the example of simple actions.
healthy  food
We use catering from the best restaurants in Koh Samui. Any type of kitchen. 
 physical exercise
Daily exercise allows you to better feel your body and heal your organism. Increase concentration and attention. Improve immunity. We use special  complexes aimed at the general health improvement,


We have strict rules on the territory of the retreatl:
- no alcohol
- no cigarettes
- no drugs
managment of attention
After you will know how control your thoughts, how control your attention, how manage your life and will have skills of these

LaBudhi philosophy & lifestyle

use your Attention every second
Developing attention allows you to control your life. When you control your Attention, you can choose which thoughts you are using right now and which are not.  When you can choose thoughts you can control your Mind. When you control your Mind and Thoughts - you have freedom. When you can have freedom - you can be Happy.


Only your own senses and feelings are real. Religions, Gurus, teachers, and various worships are not needed for this.

Be happy and don't interfere with others

The formula for happiness is simple:

- forgiving others and yourself

- accept everything as it is

- abandon habits and addictions

conscious eating

Healthy eating are the guarantee of health and longevity. Feel your body and its needs. Feel like every bit of food affects you

physical exercises

Daily exercise is a necessary condition for the full functioning of the organism. Yoga, qigong, swimming, running, exercise with your weight and others that you like.

Sasha granovski

Founder of LaBudhi meditation retreat center in Thailand, Author of Labudhi Method (development of attention),  free from all religions and concepts, where the spiritual paths of many of its visitors are completed.

The author of many Guided meditations aimed at developing attention,  sensitivity, awareness, and development of the mind - the result of which is the "awakening" of a person and, as a result, Happiness.

A feature of his meditations is freedom and simplicity - no aids are used - no music, no mantras, no bowls, no special substances. Silence from everything.

All work takes place inside a person. This helps to avoid additional "positive" addictions and to learn to feel Happiness regardless of anything and no one.

How to achieve Awakening or Enlighten?



Awareness - constant awareness, constant concentration of attention on the present moment. The ego of a person begins to thin itself with increased awareness, and as a result, holes are formed in it or disappear completely. It takes your effort.

with help

The ego can be removed with the help of special people, next to which the ego itself disappears. This is a certain innate ability of such people, their skill and such a function. It happens instantly and without effort, only readiness. The fastest way.

by chance

Bright flashes of awakening happen - but this condition is lost, due to the lack of awareness and misunderstanding of what has happened.

What is the Awakening of the senses at LaBudhi?

Awakening is a universal solution to all human problems - fears, blocks, addictions, stress, depression, unhappiness, etc.

Awakening is the Completion of all spiritual paths and searches, the real Life begins only after that. 

Awakening is total happiness - falling in love with Life.

Awakening is the Silence of the mind, it is a complete Harmony with yourself and with the world.


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