Accommodation Types - LaBudhi meditation retreat in Bali

Luxury Villa Retreat

Discover the ultimate in tranquility and elegance with our Luxury Villa, nestled in the serene heart of Bali’s lush landscape. Designed to provide an unparalleled retreat experience, this villa combines luxurious comfort with the soothing presence of nature, making it the perfect sanctuary for meditation and relaxation.

Shared Room

Our shared room for two visitors is designed to foster connection and relaxation in a tranquil setting, surrounded by Bali’s natural beauty. Perfect for friends or retreat participants who prefer companionship during their stay and low price, this spacious room offers comfort and privacy. We try to ensure that each participant is alone in the room whenever possible.

Private Retreat Room

Experience solitude and serenity in our private retreat room, thoughtfully designed to provide a peaceful and restorative environment for solo and couple travelers. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Bali, this intimate space is perfect for those seeking a personal retreat.

The room features a cozy King-size bed…