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Awaken your senses

awareness & oblivion bubble removal

Retreats begin every five days - 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of every month. 
Duration of retreat - any


Find out your sensitivity level by passing the test

The ability to feel life to the fullest makes it more fulfilled and diverse.

Sensitivity allows you to develop awareness, which leads you to permanent happiness.

What is senses awakening in LaBudhi meditation?

Awakening is a universal solution to all human problems - fears, blocks, addictions, stress, depression, unhappiness, etc.

Awakening is the completion of all spiritual paths and searches, the real Life begins only after that.

Awakening is total happiness - love of Life.

Awakening is the silence of the mind, complete harmony with yourself and with the world.

How to achieve Awakening & Enlightenment?



Awareness means constantly being aware, constantly concentrating your attention in the present moment. With high awareness, the oblivion bubble begins to gradually dissolve, and as a result, it completely bursts. It takes effort.

with help

Remove with the help of special people, next to them the oblivion bubble disappears itself. This is a certain innate ability of such people, their skill and function. It happens instantly and effortlessly, you only need to be ready. The fastest way.


Bright flashes of awakening, but this condition is lost, due to lack of awareness and misunderstanding of what happened at all.

What happening in LaBudhi for your Awakening?

removing oblivion bubble

At LaBudhi, we can pierce and remove your oblivion bubble. This bubble are around each person and needed only at the stage of personality formation. To be unique, with unique abilities and feel the world with an exceptional gamut of feelings. But this oblivion bubble makes a person miserable, giving rise to all fears, desires, blocks, etc. This interfers with the connection with Life itself, and therefore the time comes when it must leave partially or completely.

increase awareness & achieve mindfulness

Using various techniques of meditation and yoga, mindfulness is trained. Simple exercises, physical activity, or silent days.

full seclusion

We create conditions for seclusion in the wild jungle, but with comfort, removing all unnecessary so that you can see and hear yourself.

LaBudhi Meditation Retreat Reviews

Other reviews can be viewed on YouTube here.

where i awoke

Retreat Awakening Life Receptors is:

removing oblivion bubble





It doesn't matter age, gender and physical skills. Practices are held in English and Russian.

free duration of your retreat

You choose the duration of stay with us.
Retreats begin only on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th  of every month.
The result depends on the duration of the retreat. Someone needs 3 days, and someone needs 28 days. It all depends on your intentions and requests.


The basis of our practices is concentration, enjoyment of the process and freedom. Comfortable living in the wild jungle

Single room

Single bed in double room



USD per 1 day

It is an opportunity to be alone and feel yourself.

  • 1 day retraet  in a single room with a king-size bed
  • Healthy raw food all day - 3-4 times
  • Meditations
  • Yoga and physical exercise
  • Total seclusion


USD per 1 day

It is an opportunity to be alone and feel yourself.

  • 1 day retreat in a single bed in a double room
  • Healthy raw food all day - 3-4 times
  • Meditations
  • Yoga and physical exercise


USD per 1 day

The opportunity to live in an incredibly beautiful and powerful place and provide all possible assistance. The number of places is limited.

  • 1 day in a special house for a volunteer
  • Healthy raw food all day - 3-4 times
  • Yoga and physical exercise
  • Meditations
  • Job 4 hours a day

Schedule of the reterat day in LaBudhi meditation

You can choose which practices to perform and which not - you are free

Wake up


Sunrise at 5.45am

Sunrise Sitting Meditation


Feel your breathing (1st technique from vipassana)

Breakfast  veg/raw


Fruits, porridge , Juice or smoothie or tea

Sitting Meditation


Observe your body, scan your body (2nd technique from vipassana)

Kundalin Yoga


Physical exercise and observation yourself

Lunch  veg/raw


Soup, main dish, dessert, tea

Trip to the cave or free time


Trip to our private Cave. There are You can sit or lay and meditate in cave

Walking meditation or free time


Сonscious walking, and conscious looking. Defocus your vision

Lying Meditation


Observe your mind and your thoughts, how they appear, involve, disappear and new ones appear 

Secret LaBudhi meditation


Connection with inner yourself

Dinner veg/raw


Main dish, soup or salad, desert, tea

Night secret LaBudhi meditation


Connection with the Life and ...

Removing Ego, Sharing, discussion


Private consultation, asks-answers, and conversation

Free time


Going to sleep


Retreat Features in LaBudhi

Removing Ego and training awareness


total solitude in nature

We are located in the mountainous  jungle of the national park of the island of Koh Phangan in Kingdom Thailand, where you can fully enjoy the sounds of nature and excellent weather all year long. Our houses are surrounded by greenery.

. We are located remotely from curious tourists, casual visitors and locals. Far from all extraneous noise, bars and shops.


Meditation for us is life in full attention. Total awareness. We introduce our guests to the deep essence of meditation through the example of simple actions.

We use various types of meditations and practices, from the simplest to the blind, deaf and silent days, in order to better know and find ourselves. To open your feelings and develop awareness.
LaBudhi is the perfect place for meditation.
We even have a special private cave for meditation.

healthy raw food

The retreat includes LaBudhi's healthy eating system, based on nine principles of nutrition and fresh foods. This is the food of fruits, vegetables, soups, salads, smoothies and juices. Only a simple and healthy raw food diet. Itэs important not only what we eat, but how we eat. Stop feeding thoughts. Feel as different as you can!

Yoga & physical exercise

Daily exercise allows you to better feel your body and heal your organism. Increase concentration and attention. Improve immunity. We use special yoga complexes aimed at the general health improvement, cleansing and transformation of a person.


We have strict rules on the territory of the retreatl:

- no alcohol

- no cigarettes

- no drugs

- no meat

- no loud noises
- don't use gadgets during exercise and meditation


One of the greatest blessings in the world is silence. We can listen to the silence and enjoy it. At us you will not hear loud music and loud talk of people.

.Some days will be completely silent.

Meditation and yoga Labudhi

Kundalini yoga Labudhi meditation
Kundalini yoga Labudhi meditation
Sunrise meditation LaBudhi
Sunrise meditation LaBudhi
Kundalini yoga Labudhi meditation
Kundalini yoga Labudhi meditation



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Territory of Labudhi meditation

White sphere house Shesele
White sphere house Shesele
Yoga Sala - Shesele
Yoga Sala - Shesele
view from windows Shesele
view from windows Shesele
Thansadet beach 2 km from Labudhi to sea
Thansadet beach 2 km from Labudhi to sea
path Shesele
path Shesele
path Shesele
path Shesele

Vegeterian food during LaBudhi meditation retreat 

Breakfast meditation retreat - Labudhi
Breakfast meditation retreat - Labudhi
Lunch meditation retreat - Labudhi
Lunch meditation retreat - Labudhi
Dinner meditation retreat - Labudhi
Dinner meditation retreat - Labudhi
Dinner meditation retreat - Labudhi
Dinner meditation retreat - Labudhi
Breakfast meditation retreat - Labudhi
Breakfast meditation retreat - Labudhi
Lunch meditation retreat - Labudhi
Lunch meditation retreat - Labudhi

LaBudhi philosophy & lifestyle

be conscious in the present moment

Concentration of attention at the present moment.

Live life every moment is the greatest pleasure in life


Only your own senses and feelings are real. Religions, Gurus, teachers, and various worships are not needed for this.

Be happy and don't interfere with others

The formula for happiness is simple:

- forgiving others and yourself

- accept everything as it is

- abandon habits and addictions

conscious eating

Healthy eating are the guarantee of health and longevity. Feel your body and its needs. Feel like every bit of food affects you

physical exercises

Daily exercise is a necessary condition for the full functioning of the organism. Yoga, qigong, swimming, running, exercise with your weight and others that you like.

be care about surroundings world

Be grateful, take care of people and animals, be eco-friends. The more energy we give, the more we get it back.

Sasha Granvski - основатель Shesele Sense Retreat

Sasha granovski

One day I woke up with the deepest love of myself. I also felt the love for the world before, but what I experienced that morning cannot be described in words. All the time I'm in a state close to orgasm, especially when I close my eyes and little concentrate. Since then, interesting things began to happen to me and some changes, new sensations appear, with which I learn to live anew. The nutrition immediately changed, now I can only eat raw fruits and vegetables. This all happens without an idea, it just feels like my body. 

I discovered for myself that changes are happening next to me - their Ego disappears, thoughts disappear, and Awakening happens. Then I learned to see and remove the Ego

It so happened that I have no esoteric or spiritual knowledge, I was not fond of any religion or concepts. I was engaged only in yoga, for my health, without a deep meaning. Before I came here and founded La Budhi Meditation, I was the director of the National Park in Russia, where I built a yoga hotel. And once I went on vacation to Thailand, where I decided to radically change my life, and stayed in Thailand, leaving everything. The past is perceived by me as if not with me - it’s like someone you know well.
Now I just live not for myself, I help people to awaken by removing the Ego.

Here we have tried to create all the conditions for the awakening of the senses, for changes in the mind and body. After all, there are so few places where you can retire and plunge into the world of silense and peace, feel the taste of life.

PS: whats mean LaBudhi? La  is sound of love, of openning love. Budhi is the song of enlight and the awakening.

 With love, Sasha!


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