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Simple & Modest


We are more than a just place for retreat. Labudhi is a secluded place located in the and mountainous jungle of the national park of the Koh Phangan in Thailand. Most of our rooms are simple, with minimalist decor and comfortable beds.

We are a relaxed secluded establishment where you can disconnect from the usual rhythm of life and connect to a deeper sense of life and find yourself.

All our houses provide an opportunity to feel completely surrounded by jungles among the mountains.

Sphere Houses with 2 single beds

Stylish Speres hidden in the jungle. For those who prefer stone houses, but right in the middle of the jungle in the mountains. 

The room has all the necessary amenities, 2 single beds, private bathroom, toiletries and a terrace with a hammock.

mountain view houses

Houses with a large terrace neatly inscribed in a stony landscape. They provide an opportunity to look at the mountains above the tops of trees.

The room has all the necessary amenities, a king size bed, private bathroom, toiletries and a terrace.

Yoga shala

The open space is sheltered from rain and sun with a beautiful view of the valley and the cliffs. 
 Perfect for yoga and other practices.
The area is 96 square meters.
The sala is equipped with yoga mats and mosquito repellent devices

Labudhi Cafe & welcom center

A tree standing in the center symbolizes the vitality, power and care of nature. The cafe can accommodate 20 people. Vegaterian and raw food


It's a amazing private secluded cave for Labudhi's guests only. Ideal for meditation, retreats and various practices. 20 people can comfortably accommodate in a cave.

There are additional restrictions in this place.

view point

You can observe how the first rays of the sun touch the tops of the trees, how the sea, the mountains and the whole valley cover with sunlight. 
Amazing place for contemplation and various practices in the open space with a beautiful view of the valley and the cliffs.

LaBudhi view point is available only for Labudhi guests.

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